Asset Inspection

We carry out an inspection and verification of assets
that either require financing or re-financing for
effective risk management and fraud prevention.

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Audit Principles

Our audit is designed to:

  • Provide funders with a high-level physical “touch the metal” asset inspection.
  • Confirm the existence, location and condition of assets.
  • Satisfy acceptance conditions set by credit and risk departments.
  • Support credit facilities’ annual review process.
  • Assist in the provision of refinance facilities.
  • Enable deal pay-out, safe in the knowledge that the asset exists.

Audit Provision

This involves a physical inspection of the assets to confirm their existence and location. This also includes an overview of the assets’ condition and evidence, provided through GPS, date and time stamping, and photographic evidence.

As part of the audit process, we verify that the asset description is in line with the underlying finance agreement and supporting paperwork. We notify the customer of any errors, omissions, modifications or damage. The overall aim of the audit is to provide confidence that the assets are under control and being used in-line with expectations and the terms and conditions of the finance agreement.

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Why Choose Us


Improved inventory controls on existence of assets providing assurance on financial exposure 


We provide an independent and impartial audit service throught the UK and Ireland

Customer Portal

All audit results are delivered through our SMART web-based customer portal which has workflow tools to enable onward management of audit results.


Ability to deliver the service through our audit team or your own sales and broker network utilising our SMART application